Labour Exploitation Video Transcript

Re-enactment from I’m Not For Sale, RCMP:

[Three men meeting outside a pizzeria]

Pete: Hi, Jim.

Jim: Hi, Pete.

Pete [motioning to third man]: So, that’s the guy?

Jim: Yeah.

Pete: Okay, here’s your share.

Jim: Okay, I got to get going. Thanks. See you later.

[Jim leaves. Pete and the third man enter the pizzeria.]

Pete: Okay, so, this is the kitchen. You be here at six a.m. sharp and your job is to wash the dishes.

Man [speaking with accent]: To wash the dishes? I was told I would be head chef.

Pete: No, no, no, head chef. We already got one of those.

Man: But I have lots of experience. I’m a very good cook.

Pete: That’s not what I bought you for, okay? Your job is to wash the dishes, nothing else. And you know what? If I were in your shoes, I’d choose dishwashing. Come on, follow me.

[Pete leads man outside and down some stairs to a doorway in the bottom of the building.]

Pete: Now, that’s your residence. See you tomorrow at six.

[Man doing dishes in the kitchen]

[Man laying down on floor of his room (a storage room) with only a sheet and a thin blanket]

[Man clearing dishes from dining area. Pete walks in.]

Man: My paycheck…when I will get it?

Pete: You’ll get it when I feel like it! Now, get back to work!

Man: But this isn’t fair. I work very hard for you, sir.

Pete: Hey buddy, don’t forget one thing. You’re illegal, okay? You got it good here, you know that? I even pay for your room and board.

[Man doing dishes and putting away chairs in dining room]

[Two police walking out of pizzeria. Man walks out of pizzeria.]

Man: Excuse me. Can you help me?

Police woman: Sure, why don’t you come over here and tell us what’s going on?

Man: Well, you see they put me on every day. I cannot stop. I have to work….