Human Trafficking Course Set Up

This course contains an overview, four modules, and a resources section.

Human Trafficking: Canada Is Not Immune Online Training Program. Course Overview. Module 1: Defining Human Trafficking. Module 2: Canada's Response to Human Trafficking. Module 3: How to Recognize a Trafficked Person. Module 4: How to Help a Trafficked Person. Resources.

Human Trafficking: Canada is Not Immune is also available in its entirety in French.

Traite de personnes : le Canada n’est pas à l’abri est aussi disponible en francais.

Historically, the unique vulnerabilities of Aboriginal women and youth who are trafficked for sexual exploitation have been largely misunderstood.  This training gives learners a framework for understanding the systemic, historic and colonial layers of oppression that have impacted our Aboriginal communities.  Understanding this helps us to move away from further marginalizing Aboriginal women and youth, and begin to build trust and relationship in a culturally competent way.
- Melissa Hyland, RSW, Domestic Trafficking Expert


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