ACT Trafficking Video Transcript

Caption: ACT Trafficking, Linsay Willier, Canadian Model, Advocate for Youth.

See the world

model abroad


Young lady walks into public washroom, checks her phone.  Sends a picture of herself to a man who receives it, nods approvingly at the picture, and then walks across the street into a strip club.


Welcome to Canada

a better life awaits.


Camera shows a hallway in a school, goes into a classroom of students where a teacher is taking attendance.  “Emma, Michelle, Andrew, Andrew?”  One seat shows a student’s books on the table, but the student is missing.

Location changes to a restaurant kitchen where a young Asian man is washing dishes.  An Asian lady comes in and puts down more dishes, yelling “Andrew!, You still not done! Hurry up and get that done now!  Don’t look at me!  Hurry up and get that done!”


Good girlfriends

Help their boyfriends


Young Asian lady is putting her school books in a school locker.  She checks her phone.  She is happy to see a text from her boyfriend, but then sad when she sees what it says.  It is from CJ and says “New client loves your online ad.  Pick you up at 4”.

Next scene shows her boyfriend walking down a hotel hallway with her.  They stop at a door, he knocks, a man opens the door, takes payment out of his pocket, hands it to the boyfriend.  The boyfriend puts his hand on her shoulder and guides her into the room.  The door closes.


ACT Trafficking

Linsay Willier, Canadian Model, Advocate for Youth

While Linsay Willier is talking, the video shows clips from the above three scenes. 

She says:

Human trafficking is not just something that happens in other parts of the world.  It happens in Canada as well.  Traffickers recruit, transport and control people, by pushing or forcing them into selling sex or working for little or no pay.  They almost always lie about what they really represent.

It is up to all of us to do something about human trafficking.  The first step is recognizing what human trafficking looks like in Canada.  The next step is to share this video and spread the message. Act against human trafficking today.

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This video was made possible by a grant from the Alberta Justice Civil Forfeiture Fund and DynacorMedia. @2012. Province of BC Logo.