Human Trafficking Course Features

This course is set up so that you are able to complete it at your own pace: you may leave and return at any time.

Throughout the four modules and resource section of this training, you will find:

  • Case studies, each of which presents a unique situation drawn from recorded cases
  • Reality checks that ask you to reflect on the material in the context of your own area of practice
  • Quotes from service providers and other subject matter experts
  • A national list and map of organizations working on human trafficking issues in Canada
  • Glossary terms (identified throughout the course by bolded words — hover your mouse over the words to see the definition)
  • Printable PDFs of resources or specific sections of the training
  • A comprehensive listing of web and print resources on human trafficking and related topics

You’ll also find first-hand stories from survivors of human trafficking, such as this one:

My Story: I will never look at life the same again. I feel like I have a social responsibility to warn others about these situations.  Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.  I hope it helps a little.

- Rebecca

Note: the names and other identifying information of survivors
have been changed to protect confidentiality, except where
the survivor has given permission to use their true name.

and videos such as this one:

ACT Alberta

(Video runtime 01:59)

(Transcript for the ACT Trafficking video.)

Once you have finished the course, you’ll be able to take a final quiz and print out a personalized certificate of completion.

It should take approximately five to seven hours to complete the full course.


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