Red Light Cameras – Intersection Traffic Safety

There are thousands of decisions to make at an intersection, which is why preventing intersection crashes helps save lives and reduce injuries. The provincial government, the RCMP and the Insurance Corporation of British (ICBC) have expanded B.C.’s Intersection Safety Camera program.

Where cameras are located

Red light cameras are installed at B.C. intersections that experience a high rate of serious crashes because they may reduce side impact and head-on crashes, and serious injuries and fatalities. Signs are posted at these intersections advising drivers of the red light cameras. More information on red light cameras is available at ICBC’s Intersection Safety Camera Program.

How the cameras work and violation tickets

If you enter an intersection equipped with a red light camera after the light is red, a picture of your vehicle’s rear licence plate and the time, date and location the photo was taken will be sent to the intersection safety camera office. A specialized officer will review the photo and may lay a charge under the Motor Vehicle Act. If the charge is disputed, the officer may prosecute the violation ticket in court.

Learn more about disputing a violation ticket on ICBC’s Dispute a traffic or red light ticket page.