Strategic Training Initiative in Community Supervision

Strategic Training Initiative in Community Supervision (STICS) teaches probation officers to use evidence-based practices to change the attitudes of offenders.

Offenders supervised by probation officers trained in STICS reduced their rate of reoffending by 38% compared to other offenders.

STICS has three principles:

  1. Risk: The levels of service an offender receives should match their risk.
  2. Needs: The services offenders receive should address the causes of their criminal behaviour.
  3. Responsivity: Interventions should be responsive to the offender’s individual motivations, strengths and abilities.

B.C. Corrections has implemented STICS province-wide. Probation officers have been taught to use one-to-one intervention techniques to target the criminal behaviours of medium and high risk offenders in the community. It included:

  • Targeting attitudes
  • Building rapport
  • Leading by example (Also known as pro-social modelling)
  • Reinforce cognitive behavioural techniques that influence change

Training also focused on recognizing and addressing four factors that increase an offender’s risk to reoffend. They are:

  • History of antisocial behaviour
  • Antisocial personality pattern
  • Antisocial attitudes
  • Antisocial friends and associates