Integrated Offender Management

Offenders transitioning to the community may face a lot of challenges such as having no money, job or place to live. B.C. Corrections' Integrated Offender Management has correctional centre and community corrections staff collaborating to plan for high-risk offenders’ release and success in living crime-free throughout their return to the community.

Inmates must be actively engaged in the process to help them connect with appropriate living arrangements, consider job opportunities and access supports in the community. The goal is to promote their stability and address known “triggers” of their past crimes to successfully reintegrate back into the community.

The program has shown it can reduce reoffending by up to 49% for women and 43% for men. For participants, IOM’s benefits include a greater sense of accountability and independence, and more positive self-regard.

See Integrated Offender Management - (IOM) The Case for Working Together and the Integrated Offender Management Program Impact Analysis – Research Report for more information.