Your Trial in French

To better meet the needs of all British Columbians, the Ministry of Attorney General provides French-language services throughout the province for trials resulting from any criminal offence.

French-Language Services Available in Court

French-language trial services are available for a preliminary inquiry or for a trial.

French-speaking staff, Crown counsel and judge will be made available for your criminal trial. The French language court will be assembled on a case-by-case basis wherever the trial is directed to be held. An interpreter will be assigned to interpret evidence during the trial.

Written documents used for your preliminary inquiry or trial may be prepared in either French or English.

How to ask for a French-language trial

You must apply to the court in advance for a French-language trial. Talk to your lawyer or notify the judge or justice about holding your trial in French. Remember, you must ask for French-language services before the trial.

Further information

For more information on having a French-language trial, contact your local court registry.