Juror support program

B.C.’s Juror Support Program is a free counselling service available 24/7 to any juror upon completion of their jury duty. The program is available to any juror who has served on a criminal or civil trial, or coroner’s inquest.

Program benefits include:

  • Confidential and easy to access counselling
  • Four free one-hour sessions with a qualified and experienced counsellor
  • Your choice of in-person, telephone or video counselling

To access the service (after the trial has concluded) contact the Juror Support Program intake office at 1 855 717-7691 and provide information to confirm jury attendance. Your identity will be kept confidential by the service provider and will not be shared with government.

Details of the jury deliberation cannot be discussed with the counsellor, however jurors are welcome to express their feelings about the experience and receive advice.

Additional counselling sessions, above the four, will be considered on recommendation by the counsellor.