Changes to the Supreme Court Family Forms - March 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions

What forms have changed?
Recent changes were made to the following Supreme Court Family forms (Order in Council: 467/2020):

  • FORM F1 – Notice of Joint Family Claim
  • FORM F3 – Notice of Family Claim
  • FORM F4 – Response to Family Claim
  • FORM F5 – Counterclaim
  • FORM F6 – Response to Counterclaim
  • FORM F31 – Notice of Application
  • FORM F32 – Application Response
  • FORM F33 – Consent Order
  • FORM F34 – Order Made Without Notice
  • FORM F51 – Order Made After Application
  • FORM F52 – Final Order
  • FORM F73 – Petition to the Court
  • FORM F74 – Response to Petition
  • FORM F77 – Notice of Interest
  • FORM F98 – Notice of Appeal from Master, Registrar or Special Referee
  • FORM F102 – Statement of Information for Corollary Relief Proceedings*

*new form (see most recent update - OIC 26/2021)

When are the changes in effect?
The changes came into effect on March 1st, 2021.  

Why are the forms changing?
The federal Divorce Act has changed.  Changes to the forms ensure that the updated forms align with the requirements of the new federal Divorce Act.
Can I use the old forms?
For all new filings, parties must now use the updated forms.
When will the updated forms be ready?
The forms have been updated and are available on the Court forms website now.

Where can I find information and forms for the new changes to interjurisdictional support orders?
Information and forms will be available on the Ministry of Attorney General's Interjurisdictional Support Services website.

Where can I find information and forms for the new changes to the "relocation" process?
You can visit the Department of Justice Canada - Family Law website to read about "relocation" and download the new forms.

Where can I find the new Registration of Divorce Proceedings form?
The new registration application form is available on the Department of Justice Canada website - Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings.