Attorney General’s B.C. Supreme Court Rules Committee Policies & Procedures

The purpose of this document is to articulate the policies and procedures of the Attorney General’s BC Supreme Court Rules Committee (AG’s Rules Committee). The document is intended to guide the actions and conduct of the AG’s Rules Committee in support of the Terms of Reference for the committee (endorsed December 19, 2016). This document will be amended as policies and procedures pertinent to the AG’s Rules Committee are developed. Additions/ amendments to this document will be made upon approval of the Chair of the AG’s Rules Committee.

  1. Public consultation- Consistent with section 1.05 of the Terms of Reference, the AG’s Rules Committee will undertake consultation regarding rule reform. Consultation will ensure that the opinions and perspectives of the public, private bar, interested stakeholders, and the judiciary are considered before recommendations are made to the Attorney General for rule reform. Without imposing limitation, public consultation may occur, at the Committee’s discretion, by way of the following mechanisms:
    • A Ministry-sponsored internet site that provides the public with contact information for submission of recommendations, summary of contemplated rule reform, and seeks feedback on proposed rule amendments;
    • Committee meetings held in open and public venues where the public and stakeholders can make submissions on pre-identified topics relevant to rule reform.
  2. Non-attribution- Public consultation is fundamental to the advancement of rule reform and the success of the AG’s Rules Committee. While substantive discussions regarding rule reform must be publicly accessible, it is expected that the AG’s Rules Committee will, as deemed necessary, deliberate the fundamental policies and principles leading to rule reform within the confines of the committee. In order to ensure open discussion within the committee, any/ all subsequent reference (external to the committee) to statements made during committee discussions will be without attribution to the committee member who made the statement.
  3. Expenses- Consistent with section 13 of the Terms of Reference, members of the AG’s Rules Committee may submit for reimbursement of expenses for attending meetings.