Family Law Act Modernization

When the Family Law Act (FLA) came into force in 2013, it introduced reforms to address the needs of families in British Columbia. The Act is the primary private family law statute in B.C. and impacts almost all areas of family justice in the province.

It’s important for the Family Law Act to remain up-to-date to reflect changes in society as well as developments in case law.

The objectives of the review are to:

  • Modernize the law where appropriate
  • Address any issue or gaps identified since the FLA came into force

The Ministry of Attorney General has begun a multi-year review of the Act. This review will take place in three phases to allow government, interest holders, and the public to address issues over time.

Phase 1 – In progress

  • Pension Division
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support

How to participate

Anyone can participate in Phase 1 of the FLA modernization project. We invite you to visit our engagement at govTogetherBC.

Feedback will be accepted until 4 pm on September 9, 2022.

Phase 2 – Planned

  • Protection from Family Violence
  • Reports about Parenting Arrangements
  • Parentage
  • Care of Children, including:
    • Child centered decision-making
    • Relocation
    • Guardianship and Parenting Arrangements

Phase 3 – Planned

  • Resolution of family law disputes – Family dispute resolution processes
  • Judicial case management and Enforcement of orders and agreements
  • Children’s Property
  • Child support