Provincial Court Family Rules Reform Discussion Paper

The Ministry of Attorney General and the Provincial Court of British Columbia have issued this discussion paper to offer interested persons the opportunity to comment on the proposed new Provincial Court Family Rules.

This paper has 5 chapters. Chapter 4 contains details of each Part of the proposed Rules. For each chapter the paper summarizes the major themes considered by the Working Group, the recommended policy, and the rationale. Attached to the discussion paper is a preliminary draft of proposed Rules and forms. Comments are invited on the policy direction, draft language and there are also specific consultation questions embedded in the discussion paper.

You may view or print the discussion paper or each chapter individually.  Because of their size, Appendix 3 and Appendix 4 can be downloaded separately.   

This chapter provides background to the Provincial Court Family Rules Reform Project.

This chapter provides background and context to the recommendations made by the Provincial Court Family Rules Working Group. The Working Group canvassed literature and developments in other jurisdictions and continued to observe and take note of continuing new initiatives during of project.

This chapter provides an overview of the model proposed to structure processes so families could receive support for their legal and non-legal needs in dealing with the unique challenges and dynamics associated with family disputes.

The description of the proposed Rules is arranged by parts. For each part there is a general description of the policy underlying the Rule and attached as Appendix 3 is a table that sets out the actual language of the rule and the description of what the rule does.

The new Rules propose replacing or updating all the forms. This chapter explains the approach taken to improve the accessibility and usability of the forms. The draft forms are in Appendix 4.


Appendix 2

Appendix 4

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