Self-Help Rooms

The self-help room is for people who need help finding out about options for solving their family and civil law problems. Here, you can find information about your issue, the legal system, the services available for you and how disputes can be solved without going to court. If you're going to court, we can explain court procedures and help you prepare to represent yourself.

We provide a wide range of information and resources to serve you at any stage in your situation. You'll find:

  • Computers for doing research and word processing
  • A resource library, including videos
  • Printers to print forms and other materials
  • Booklets and brochures to take home
  • Access to a photocopier, a fax machine and phones

You'll find staff to help you:

  • Identify your problem and your legal options
  • Find publications that explain the law in plain language, including many in languages other than English
  • Access reading material (if your vision is impaired or you have trouble reading)
  • Use the Internet, especially if you have little or no experience using computers
  • Print out materials from the computer
  • Use self-help guides
  • Get information about government services and agencies
  • Help you understand court forms

Self-help room staff provide legal information, but not legal advice. Legal information is general information about the law that helps someone identify a legal issue and related options. Legal advice involves applying the law to a particular situation and providing a legal opinion and specific advice about the next steps to take.