Assessing Your Needs

The assessment and referral program at the justice access centres is unique. We work closely with you to consider your needs and discuss your options. With our network of support services, including legal services, we know how to connect you with the right kind of help, whether it’s at the centre or in the community.

Here is what you can expect:

  • First, if you have not already done so, you will complete a short client intake form so we can understand your situation (we can help you fill it out). If you prefer, you can fill in the information sheet online and print it before you come in.
  • You may just need some information, directions or access to our self-help room. But more likely, we’ll meet with you to discuss the problems challenging you.
  • If you file an application to Provincial Court on a contested family matter, you may have to meet with a family justice counsellor before you proceed to a court appearance.
  • Depending on your situation, the meeting may take up to an hour. People often face several problems at once, such as a family breakdown and concerns about housing, income and employment. These issues may also be complicated by communication problems or drug or alcohol use.
  • We’ll describe the range of services that are available for you. Whether you accept any of these referrals is entirely up to you.

Your Privacy

The personal information you provide is confidential. Your basic identifying information and a record of the services you receive will be shared among those who work for the centre. As long as you agree to it, any further personal details about your legal matter will be shared among staff as needed.