Learn about invasive species management in BC

Clean, dry and drain your watercraft to help stop the spread of invasive mussels.

Since 2004, the Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group (IMISWG) has provided policy direction, coordination and collaborative delivery of provincial invasive species programs for the Government of B.C. 

The IMISWG takes a strategic approach to the management of invasive species in BC, including: 

  • prevent the establishment of new invasive plant infestations,
  • reduce the socio-economic and environmental impacts of existing invasive species, and
  • provide the framework and capacity for the ongoing management of invasive species

Key actions are aimed at:

  • improving early detection and rapid response;
  • impact evaluation;
  • managing established infestations;
  • building research, education, training and legislative capacity;
  • improving relationships among agencies and stakeholders.

Currently, 23 species are being managed under the provincial program. 

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