Wood materials for resource road bridges

Bridge timbers and lumber material standard

The Bridge Timbers & Lumber Material Standard (PDF, 229KB) provides detailed specifications that apply to the supply of wood components for bridges, including quality assurance requirements.

Timber connectors

Unless otherwise specified by the Ministry, bolts used in timber connections shall meet the specifications of ASTM A307 or a pre-approved equivalent specification, and be hot-dip galvanized, complete with galvanized malleable iron washers and galvanized nuts.

Pressure treated wood standard for timber deck bridge components

The Pressure Treated Wood Standard for Timber Deck Bridge Components (PDF, 736KB) provides detailed specifications, including quality assurance requirements, for the supply of wood that may be treated with one of the following preservatives: creosote, pentachlorophenol, chromated copper arsenate, or ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate.

A helpful reference in association with this document is the Guidelines for Use of Treated Wood In and Around Aquatic Environments and Disposal of Treated Wood (PDF, 2.0MB) which was jointly produced by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (TRAN) and the Ministry of Forests.

Interim process specification for CCA treatment of coastal Douglas-fir wood

The Interim Process Specification for CCA Treatment of Coastal Douglas-fir Wood (PDF, 147KB) provides detailed specifications, including quality assurance requirements, for the Ministry specific process for treatment of Coastal Douglas-fir wood with a chromated copper arsenate (CCA) preservative.