Material Standards for Resource Road Bridges

Before constructing a bridge structure on a Forest Service Road, proponents should understand the standards, specifications and other requirements for design, fabrication, professional oversight, and bridge material requirements in British Columbia.

Standards for lumber and treated wood materials:

Standards for concrete materials:

Standards for bridge identification and use of paint:

The following form is intended for bridges fabricated under supply or supply & install contracts. It gives notice of an impending bridge fabrication requiring a quality assurance (QA) inspection.


Bridge material requisitions must be consistent with the design. It is recommended that a regional field engineer be consulted when developing a bridge material requisition for a specific project.

The language in the requisition templates should be incorporated into:

  1. Government contracts where bridge material supply is included in the contracted works
  2. Requirements for bridges to be installed by Road Use Permit (RUP) holders on Forest Service Roads (FSR)

The design and quality assurance requirements for bridge material supply under direct requisition, or through a design, supply and construct contract, or by an RUP holder, are identical.

Bridge material requisitions should limit the design requirements to specific structural design. The required components for a structure should be fully determined, by the design engineer, before materials are acquired.

For example, the general arrangement design of slab girder bridges should specify:

  • Whether the girders are connected
  • Whether the connections are field grouted or welded shear connectors
  • Girder connection details to the abutments

Requisitions should be specific to the bridge materials being ordered and reference the applicable Bridge Design & Construction Manual specifications and standard drawings. Only in the odd instance where bridge materials have had a unique design completed should other drawings be included in the bridge material specifications. In such cases, the attached drawings should be limited to the detail necessary for the bridge material fabricator to implement. Incorporation of general arrangement drawings, which require interpretation by the bridge material fabricator, is to be avoided.


Standard bridge material requisition templates are intended to be used primarily by field engineers, including the professional engineer responsible for the design or installation of a bridge structure.

The bridge material templates are living documents and it is recommended that the latest templates be accessed and utilized when ordering bridge materials or developing contracts with bridge material supply phases.

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