6.7 Scheduling Maintenance Works

After completing a road or engineered structure inspection, carry out any recommended maintenance works to address deficiencies in a time period that is commensurate with the risk to the road or structure, its users, and forest resources and other values, as determined by the appropriate manager upon review of the inspection report.

Specify the time frames for road maintenance works in the inspection report (see Maintenance Inspection Report). It shows that the time frames may be expressed as “urgency ratings” (VH = within 1 week; H = within 30 days; M = preferably within current field season but before the next field season; L = reassess situation next inspection). “Reasonable time” to carry out maintenance works varies according to the specific site and problems identified. For example, waiting until equipment is in the area is inappropriate if the road fill is already failing and washing into a stream. However, waiting for equipment may be appropriate where a raveling cut slope is filling in a ditch that has a low likelihood of transporting sediment to a stream.

Ensure that the ministry bridge engineer describes the time frames for engineered structure repair/remedial works in the comments section, to differentiate critical works from more routine works.

Consider the guidelines for road works shutdown indicators when maintenance works are being carried out on FSRs. These indicators, and the procedures for shutting down operations, are presented in Chapter 5: Road Construction.