6.8 Road User Safety Considerations During Maintenance Works Operations

Crew & equipment working sign

Where FSRs are open to traffic, post high-visibility, reflective “Crew and Equipment Working” signs or other applicable signs from the BC MoT Traffic Control Manual for Work on Roadways (specified as the standard reference by WorkSafeBC) at appropriate locations along the road to warn approaching traffic of any maintenance operations.

Place the signs in such a manner that they provide drivers with sufficient lead time to react – particularly when the road has many blind curves. Consider installing an additional warning sign at the beginning of the road. Remove these signs whenever crews are not working.

Erect and maintain temporary signs and barricades, with lights or traffic cones if necessary, at the site of any hazards and where any maintenance works are left uncompleted or unattended.

Advertise locally any maintenance projects that will require closing an FSR to traffic, both in advance of the project starting and during the project term, in the form of newspaper advertisements or radio announcements. Provide the public with key information such as the exact location of the work, travel restrictions if any, start and completion dates, and the name of a ministry contact for further information.

If the local ministry office has a “road conditions” page on its public website, update the page to reflect the changed conditions.