6.3 Road & Structure Maintenance Levels

Current legislation requires:

  1. at least a minimum level of road and structure maintenance on all forest roads, called a “wilderness road” level of maintenance; and
  2. a high level of road and structure maintenance on all industrial use roads, called an “industrial use” level of maintenance.

These two road and structure maintenance levels are briefly defined as:

  • Wilderness road level of maintenance includes those road and structure maintenance works required for the protection of forest resources. It excludes vehicle access-related types of surface and structural maintenance, other than installing a barricade to prevent access when the road is unsafe to use, unless such maintenance is necessary to mitigate a moderate to high risk of damage to forest resources and other values.
  • Industrial use level of maintenance includes a wilderness road level of maintenance, plus other vehicle access‑related types of surface and structural maintenance to ensure that the structural integrity of the road prism and clearing width are protected, the drainage systems of the road are functional, and the road can be used safely by industrial users.

In addition, Ministry Operations has the responsibility for providing for:

  • safe public access to “high value” forest recreation sites and trails or “important” recreational areas (as defined by Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts); and
  • safe public access to year-round communities.