Chapter 5: Road Construction

Successful construction involves building Forest Service roads that are appropriate for their expected service life while at the same time minimizing impacts on forest resources and other values.

The purposes of this chapter are to provide:

5.0.1 Policy

All Forest Service roads will be constructed in a manner that considers road user safety, values at risk of damage or loss and cost efficiency.

5.1 Mandatory Procedures & Best Practices

5.2 Road Construction Professional Responsibilities & Considerations

5.3 Road Corridor Preparation

5.4 Grubbing & Stripping

5.5 Disposal of Debris

5.6 Subgrade Construction

5.7 Overlanding

5.8 Road Drainage Construction

5.9 Stabilizing the Subgrade & Surfacing the Road

5.10 Construction & Use of Snow & One-Season Winter Roads

5.11 Soil Erosion & Sediment Control

5.12 Road Works Shutdown Indicators

5.13 Resources & Suggestions for Further Reading

5.14 Appendices