1.8 Cancelling Road Permits

Cancel a licensee’s Road Permit at the request of the permittee where it is evident that the permittee will not need the road any longer to harvest timber under a harvesting agreement.

Ensure that the permittee deactivates a road permit road when:

  • there is no apparent future industrial use for the road;
  • no other party is able or willing to assume responsibility for the road after the Road Permit is cancelled; and
  • the District Manager determines that the road will not be required for ongoing public access.

Where a major licensee has deactivated a road according to regulations, it normally provides a declaration to the District Manager that the licensee has met its deactivation obligations. The District Manager has up to 15 months to approve the works after the licensee has provided the declaration. Once the works are approved, or the 15 months passes without inspection, the District Manager will terminate the road permit.

For those road permit roads that a TSL holder deactivates, the TSM ensures that the road deactivation was carried out properly and in accordance with the regulations, and then notifies the District Manager that the work has been completed. The District Manager will normally rely upon the advice of the TSM but may carry out an inspection of the deactivated road to ensure that the work has been carried out satisfactorily.

For those road permit roads operated by a TSL holder where future use of the road by non-BCTS users may preclude deactivating the road, the TSM notifies the District Manager accordingly, preferably well in advance of the completion of the TSL. Should the District Manager determine that the road should be deactivated in any event, he will so notify the TSM, again prior to completion of the TSL. If the District Manager determines that the road will not be deactivated, the District Manager may either issue a permit to another user or declare the road to be an FSR under the administration of the District Manager.

Once the road has been deactivated, or the tenure has been shifted to another user, or the road has been declared to be an FSR, subject to the notifications and possible inspections as described in the preceding paragraphs, the TSM will terminate the existing road permit held by the timber sale licensee.

Do not create non-status roads by cancelling Road Permits for non-deactivated roads unless either transferring the responsibility to another party or taking on a clear ministry administrative role by declaring the road an FSR.