Chapter 1: Road Administration

This chapter deals with all aspects of establishing and administering forest roads by Timber Sales Managers (TSMs) and District Managers, including Forest Service Roads (FSRs), permit roads, and roads established by Special Use Permit (SUP). The chapter also provides information on forest road management, transfer, closure, and signage.

1.0.1 Policy

The responsibilities and practices for administering a forest road will be clear and transparent for those activities carried out on the road right-of-way, from establishment to discontinuation and closure.

1.1 Mandatory Procedures & Best Practices

1.2 Types of Roads & Applicable Permits or Authorizations

1.3 Road Establishment

1.4 Subdivisions Off Forest Service Roads

1.5 Signs on Forest Service Roads

1.6 Abandoned Vehicles on Forest Service Rights-of-Way

1.7 Temporary Closures of Forest Service Roads

1.8 Cancelling Road Permits

1.9 Cancelling Road Use Permits

1.10 Cancelling Works & Special Use Permits

1.11 Protocol Agreements Related to Roads

1.12 Resource Road Mobile Radio Communications