8.1 Mandatory Procedures & Best Practices

Last Update: December 21, 2021

Professional practices related to Forest Service Roads must adhere to the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, R.S.B.C. 1996 c. 116 as amended, and the Foresters Act, R.S.B.C. 2003 c. 19.  As well, the professional responsibilities and practices are intended to be consistent with the bylaws of the Associations and with the

Table 8-1 Professional Services

Results to be achieved on a Forest Service Road project:

  • CM/CRP/POR's and Members who carry out professional work are qualified members of ABCFP who is authorized to practice professional forestry, or professional engineers, professional geoscientists, including limited licensees, licensed to practice by EGBC;
  • overall professional responsibility for a project is clearly assigned, understood and continuous;
  • the responsible professional must sign (and seal as appropriate) the output documents for the project, including the pertinent Assurance Statements;
M1 The CM/CRP/POR and Members must possess the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their professional responsibilities; (see skills)
M2 The CM/CRP/POR must sign off the pertinent Assurance Statements identifying him/her as the person with overall professional responsibility for the project; (see Chapter 8 for roads; see Chapter 4 for structures)
M3 where the CM/CRP/POR or Member is a professional engineer or professional geoscientist, the Member must seal all professional documents that he/she has prepared; (see use of seal)
M4 Where a bridge or major culvert project will be constructed by a timber sale licensee where upon closure of the of the timber sale licence, if the road is declared a FSR, the Ministry (BCTS TSM) will make a formal request to the timber sale licensee for the bridge and major culvert construction and inspection records (per FPPR Section 77(1) & 77(3).
B1 There should be only one CM/CRP for a project, unless this becomes impracticable; in the event of multiple CM/CRP's, the division of responsibilities and continuity of oversight are critical components that need to be addressed by the subsequent CM/CRP; (see coordinating)
B2 Each project should have, for its professional work, an appropriate quality management plan, determined and overseen by the CM/CRP/POR; (see quality management)
B3 The CM/CRP/POR may adopt design and operational standards contained in this Manual, but is responsible for determining the applicability of the these standards and modifying them as appropriate to address specific project requirements; (see judgement)
B4 Where the Member or CM/CRP/POR is a forest professional, he/she should seal professional documents he/she has prepared; (see use of seal)


When issuing a Timber Sale License, if it is proposed to declare an RP as an FSR subsequent to a timber sales licensee’s activities, include the following in a cover letter:

Please note FPPR Section 77 regarding preparing, retaining and providing records to the timber sales manager (TSM).  It is proposed to declare the RP an FSR upon completion of your activities.  If the RP is declared an FSR, the TSM will request construction and inspection records [as identified in FPPR Section 77(1)] as provided for in FPPR Section 77(3).

In the above table of chronological events:

  • M = Mandatory procedures
  • B = Best practices