Mackenzie District Road Permitting Information

How to fill out the Road Use Permit (RUP) Application for the Mackenzie District

Please follow the instructions below when filling out the Road Use Permit FS 109 Application for Mackenzie Natural Resource District Forest Service Roads

Maximum dimensions and weights of the intended loaded vehicle for use on the Mackenzie Resource District roads are:

Length 32m Overhang beyond rear trailer bunk 10.0m
Width 3.2m Weight Axle (tandem) 17,000kg
Height 5.0m GVW - Majority of District 91,000kg
GVW - Parsnip West FSR 82,000kg
GVW - Parsnip East FSR 41,000kg
GVW - Germansen Corridor 41,000kg
Max. Log Length 27.5m  

Please fill in the fields of the form as highlighted. This information can be found in the Road Use Permit Reference Maps below.

Schedule A

Road Use Permit Reference Maps

The "to" and "from" listed are the legal kms. Note: these maps can be slow to load.

The obligations of a RUP

Once a road is constructed, road maintenance includes any activities (routine, upgrading, structural repair or replacement, etc.) carried out until a forest service road is deactivated (permanent). The road use permit holder selected by the district manager as being required to maintain the road is authorised to carry out all maintenance works. In the case of stream structure replacement; building a bridge, or installing a major culvert or fish stream culvert, the district manager must be notified and may specify conditions. These obligations are outlined in Section 79 of the Forest Planning and Practices Regulation.

Obligations between Primary and Secondary Road Use Permit Holders

All industrial users are required by legislation to notify the user responsible for maintenance (as determined by the district manager) and contribute to the cost of maintenance. Entering into an agreement is not a condition of receiving a road use permit. Any disputes between road users for maintenance can be resolved by a third party or through a more formal process, such as the Commercial Arbitration Act. The district manager is no longer named in legislation as being responsible for resolving road maintenance disputes, though the district manager may still provide that service in individual cases, if all parties agree.

Road Use Permit Application to be addressed to:

District Manager
Mackenzie Natural Resource District
PO Box 2260
Mackenzie, B.C.
V0J 2C0