Haida Gwaii District Road Permitting Information

Road use Permit Application Submission Procedure

The Road Use Permit FS 109 Application is to be completed and signed off by the official tenure holder and returned to the Haida Gwaii Natural Resource District office prior to any road related activities are undertaken.

Please provide a copy of the map attached to your tender package, or a map that has been prepared for your professional plan for your salvage tenure, identifying the FSR(s) that you expect to use.

If a representative is to be appointed to oversee logging and hauling operations, please include a letter signed by the tenure holder indicating the name of this representative along with their address and phone number.

Send your completed application and any additional information to the:

District Engineering Officer
1229 Oceanview Drive
PO Box 39
Queen Charlotte, BC
V0T 1S0

Please allow 10 working days for processing.