Jumbo Glacier Resort

Rationale for Decision

Master Plan

The approved Jumbo Glacier Resort Master Plan, dated November 2010, includes updates since its approval by the Province in July 2007. The current document incorporates additional technical information and updates related to First Nations and stakeholder discussions.

The development phasing schedule within the Master Plan has also been revised to include development and operation of skiing and sightseeing activities, lift access, skier services and overnight accommodations in the Farnham Glacier area within Phase 1 instead of in Phase 3.

The proposed Farnham improvements involved in this phasing schedule adjustment are within the scope of the Master Plan review, finalized in July 2007. The phasing schedule adjustment has been made in response to changing market conditions and evolving opportunities related to summer snowsports training on Farnham Glacier for National, Provincial and Regional athletes.


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