Natural Resource Permitting Project (NRPP)

In 2013, the Natural Resources Resources Permitting Project (NRPP) was created to assist the Natural Resource Ministries in improving their service delivery and management of British Columbia’s natural resources. Since then, over 1,400 staff have been involved in approximately 57 projects.

On March 31, 2019, NRPP winded down. During its tenure, NRPP helped to improve and integrate client services while setting the stage for future innovation.

Better online services

From MyRangeBC to Applications, Comments and Reasons for Decision (ACRFD) to the NR Online Services website, NRPP resulted in several services now being available online, creating both convenience and consistency for clients and staff.

Innovation continues

The Information, Innovation and Technology Division (IIT) was formed in the summer of 2018 to help finalize the work of NRPP and to focus on business transformation, innovation and technology development across the natural resource ministries.

NRPP accomplishments in review

Between 2013 and 2019, NRPP created online resources, services, and tools that improved and streamlined B.C.’s natural resource permitting processes and information and technology services. Here are some of the areas of work:

  • Water Name Change
  • Common Web-mapping
  • Operational Spatial Databases
  • NR Online Services
  • Fish and Wildlife Permits
  • Document Generation/Management Systems
  • Cumulative Effects
  • Hunting Licences
  • Common Land Use Objectives
  • Cross-ministry Authorization Workflow Processes
  • Public Review and Comment: Applications, Comments and Reasons for Decision (ACRFD)
  • Mines Notice of Work Applications
  • Common Finance Systems
  • Client Management Services
  • Mobile Range
  • Archaeology
  • Occupant Licence to Cut