Natural Resource Permitting Project (NRPP)

The government of B.C. is transforming the way our natural resource sector services interact with citizens and business to ensure that B.C.’s natural resource sector, which provides over 156,000 jobs and generates close to $3 billion in annual revenue, remains a key economic driver.

We are improving services, streamlining processes, integrating our decision-making and improving access to information to support a prosperous future for all British Columbians through sustainable economic development and shared leadership of natural resources.

Natural Resource Sector Online Services

Visit Natural Resource Sector Online Services to explore what is needed to complete a land-based authorization application.

  • Explore by Location helps you look at how land and resources are currently being used in British Columbia, and offers an interactive map, application guidance, and information you may need when applying for access to natural resources
  • Explore by Activity provides you with guidance documents for each type of natural resource activity, along with the eligibility and information requirements for different applications

Video: Natural Resource Permitting Project Overview

Three minute overview video of government's Natural Resource Permitting Project.


How will the Project improve the way we do business?

Accessible through the Natural Resource Sector Online Services, citizens and businesses will have a clear picture of what B.C.’s crown land is currently being used for and what it can be used for in the future. Clients will be able to apply for permits, search for opportunities, initiate consultations with First Nations, understand the stewardship considerations of the land and communicate more easily with government.

Made up of numerous multi-year projects, the Natural Resource Permitting Project is being rolled-out in phases, with continuous consultation and testing by future users from across the natural resource sector.

  • Citizens are at the centre of the service delivery model with increased opportunities for online self-service, a single ID system, smart form applications and easy to find information
  • Natural resource sector data and information will be more accessible and transparent
  • The length of time it takes to evaluate an application will be predictable and will support investment in B.C.
  • Natural resource development projects will be tracked seamlessly over the entire lifecycle – from the application process, regulatory approval, construction, operation, compliance and enforcement – through to post-project obligations
  • Stewardship values will improve through integrated decision-making and compliance and enforcement processes
  • Natural resource clients and decision makers will be able to use maps and reports to make sure resource development proposals consider the community, the land and the overall sustainability of each proposal
  • Government decision makers will have the tools and information needed to make timely and durable decisions about the use of B.C.’s natural resources

Fact Sheet on the Natural Resource Permitting Project (PDF, 2 pages)

The Natural Resource Transformation Secretariat

The Secretariat was established to deliver transformation projects for the natural resource sector and is currently delivering the Natural Resource Permitting Project. Responsibilities of the Secretariat include:

  • consulting and communicating with government, industry, citizens and businesses to ensure the Secretariat continues meeting their needs
  • working with ministries to facilitate sector-wide changes – from legislative and policy support to staff education, training and how they do business
  • developing the technology that will support the new way of offering government sector services

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