First Nations Consultation for Natural Resource Major Projects

Consultation with First Nations is essential to land and resource decision-making. It is mandatory for all major project proposals.

The interests of First Nation communities typically relate to potential impacts on Aboriginal rights and title, including:

  • Traditional practices
  • Cultural resources
  • Environmental concerns

As part of the consultation process, First Nations communities are provided information on major project proposals and environmental assessments. At that time, they need to inform the Crown about:

  • Their concerns or Aboriginal interests as it relates to the project
  • Potential impacts of the proposed activity on their Aboriginal interests

Proponents are encouraged to:

  • Engage with First Nations as early as possible in the project planning stages to build good working relationships
  • Document engagement activities and share it with provincial staff

The Environmental Assessment Office, FrontCounter BC and the major projects team will help with this process.

Find out how to form strong partnerships: