Application & Investigation for Natural Resource Major Projects

Applications and proposals for most natural resource major projects are submitted to FrontCounter BC where the team assesses project type, size and complexity.

Applications and proposals for LNG projects are submitted to the B.C. Oil & Gas Commission.

Submitting an Application

Follow these steps to start the application process:

Step 1: Determine if your area of interest is on Crown land.

Step 2: Create a geomark of your area of interest.

Step 3: Send your geomark along with any questions to FrontCounter BC.

Step 4: Get the necessary authorization form(s).


During the initial phase of submitting a natural resource project proposal, companies must:

  • Assess the feasibility of a site for the proposed purpose
  • Determine existing interests in the land
  • Identify values and conduct baseline studies on many of those values

Completing these tasks on Crown land will require authorizations for investigative and exploration activities or conducting baseline studies (e.g. water, wildlife, drilling).

FrontCounter BC can help determine which licences and permits are required for a specific project.

Having the proper authorization creates an official government record, which grants permission for activities to take place and protects a company’s interest in a specific site.