Contact Information for Natural Resource Major Projects

To make sure that major projects align with B.C. resource values and show respect to local communities, FrontCounter BC and major project teams work with:

  • Proponents to locate, identify, inventory and develop natural resource projects
  • Government ministries to provide seamless coordinated authorizations

Getting Started

FrontCounter BC will help with information about submitting applications or starting a new project.

Looking for Specific Project Information

Once an application for a new project is accepted through FrontCounter BC, it is assigned to a major project team in a specific region. Each regional team:

  • Provides information during the pre-application stage
  • Offers support throughout the permitting and application process
  • Works directly with FrontCounter BC
  • Simplifies the process by bundling authorizations where feasible
  • Coordinates the application review process

Contact the regional teams:

Contact Provincial Operations