Major Natural Gas & Oil Projects

B.C. has a large network of pipelines and facilities that transport natural gas, heavy oil, water and other fluids to markets across the province. Major projects in this category develop the infrastructure required for supply and transmission of specific materials — for example, building compressor stations or laying pipelines.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Pipelines & Facilities

As one of B.C.’s newest industries, LNG is off to a strong start with several projects underway. The goal is to build the cleanest LNG industry in the world, while using safe and responsible technology and processes. Most development for this industry will be in northern B.C.

Environmental Assessment

Look up proposed LNG projects that are either under environmental assessment or have already received an Environmental Assessment Certificate. The map is for informational purposes only; it does not represent final decisions or project outcomes.


Guidance for natural gas and oil projects is provided by the BC Oil & Gas Commission: