Using the Natural Resource Major Projects Map

Use this interactive web-based mapping application to see the location and general information for natural resource major projects in British Columbia that are in the coordinated authorization permitting process led by the B.C. Government's natural resource sector Ministries.

How to Use the Mapping Application

  1. Welcome menu
  2. To view major projects
  3. General map navigation
  4. Search major project information
  5. Download major projects list
  6. Advanced tools
  7. Map application help topics
  8. Usage notes
  9. Contact information for map application support

1. Welcome Menu

When the application is launched a Welcome Menu provides information on the map application, the major projects, links to obtain additional information, the search major project information tool, and the download projects list tool.

Once closed, the Welcome Menu can be displayed again by using the I want to… menu.

Image of the map application welcome menu

2. To View Major Project Details

Major Project information can be found by exploring the map and clicking on the major projects. Clicking on a project will reveal additional project details.

Major projects are symbolized based on industry sector.

3. General Map Navigation

Navigate around the map by using the mouse pointer to pan around the map and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Additional navigation tools are available in the map application.

To view additional navigation tools, show the Advanced Toolbar using the show/hide Advanced Toolbar button.

4. Search Major Project Information

A search tool allows users to search the major project information.

The Search Major Project Information can be found on the Welcome Panel, the I want to… menu, and the Advanced Toolbar.

Image of Search Major Projects

Search Field Name Field Description Choice of:
Project Name The name of the natural resource major project. Examples include: "Ajax Copper Mine" or "Kokish River Hydroelectric Project"
Natural Resource Region The BC Government’s Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) is divided into eight regions called Natural Resource Regions.  Each major project is linked to one of the Natural Resource Regions based on the Natural Resource Sector ministry lead and the FLNRO regional lead.  Where FLNRO is the lead ministry for a major project then there is a FLNRO regional office that is leading the review of the coordinated authorization permitting process. Choice of:
• Northeast
• Omineca
• Skeena
• Cariboo
• Kootenay-Boundary
• Thompson-Okanagan
• South Coast
• West Coast
Industry Sector  The industry sector of the major project. Choice of:
• Mining
• Clean Energy
• Resorts
• Utilities
• LNG Facilities
• Other
Industry Sub-Sector The industry sub-sector of the major project. Examples include:
• "Water power"
• "Copper, gold"
• "Marina"
• "All-season resort"
Project Status The status or project phase of the major project in the coordinated authorizations permitting process. Choice of:
1. Permitting: Pre-Application
2. Permitting: Submission and Screening
3. Permitting: Review and Recommendation
4. Permitting: Decision
5. Construction & Commissioning
6. Operation & Monitoring
BC Environmental Assessment Status The status of the British Columbia environmental assessment review process of the major project. Choice of:
1. Pre-Environmental Assessment (Project Reviewable)
2. Pre-Application
3. Application Screening
4. Application Review
5. Referral (Referred)
6. Environmental Assessment Certificate Decision
6a. Environmental Assessment Decision (Amendment)
6b. EA Certificate Decision - Management Plan Review
• Environmental Assessment - to be determined
• Project Withdrawn from EA Process
• EAO Process Suspended
• Environmental Assessment Certificate Not Required
Proponent Owner of project (the name on the permitting applications).  

Major projects that match the search choices will be highlighted.

Image of map icons and search result

From the listed search results click on the Image of zoom to project iconicon to zoom to the project and view additional information.

A Filter can be turned on to show only the projects that match the search criteria on the map. From the Search Major Projects Information menu check the Apply Filter check box.

Image of apply filter

To turn off the Filter.  Select Reset Project Filter from the I want to... menu:

5. Download Major Projects List

A list of all major projects can be downloaded in a formatted PDF report or an Excel file containing raw data.

The Download Major Project List can be found on the Welcome Panel, the I want to… menu, and the Advanced Toolbar.

Image of download major project list icon

Image of download major project menu

6. Advanced Tools

Advanced tools for the map application can be found using the show/hide Advanced Toolbar button.

Image of show / hode advanced toolbar

7. Map Application Help Topics

 For more information regarding this map application and specific tools available, click on the Help icon in the top right corner of map window.

Image of help icon

8. Usage Notes

  • The major project information is updated monthly
  • The map application can be found here
  • The information provided by this mapping application is intended for professional use to create simple maps

Copyright / Disclaimer: The material contained in this web site is owned by the Government of British Columbia and protected by copyright law. It may not be reproduced or redistributed without the prior written permission of the Province of British Columbia. To request permission to reproduce all or part of the material on this web site please complete the Copyright Permission Request Form which can be accessed through the Copyright Information Page.

CAUTION: Maps obtained using this site are not designed to assist in navigation. These maps may be generalized and may not reflect current conditions. Uncharted hazards may exist. DO NOT USE THESE MAPS FOR NAVIGATIONAL PURPOSES.

9. Map Application Support

Additional help and information can be obtained by contacting the Service Desk.

  • Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (PST) Monday to Friday
  • Phone (within Victoria): 250 952-6801 or Toll Free (within BC): 1 866 952-6801
    • Please leave a voicemail message if you are calling after hours
  • E-Mail: