About the Natural Resource Major Projects Map Application

This mapping application contains natural resource major projects that are in the coordinated authorization permitting process led by the B.C. Government’s natural resource sector ministries.

Major projects range in scope, scale and complexity, but they typically have a significant capital investment, take place on Crown land, and involve multiple and complex government authorizations.

These projects are tracked through the provincial government's natural resource major projects office.

Natural resource major projects include:

  • Major mines
  • Clean energy
  • All-season resorts
  • LNG facilities
  • Utilities (such as transmission lines) & other projects

This map application does not show:

  • Linear infrastructure such as pipelines
  • Major projects in the early investigation stages unless there is significant permitting effort involved
  • Major projects with their permitting process suspended or cancelled
  • Completed major projects that are operating where all the authorization and permitting is complete
  • Non-natural resource major projects such as public highways or hospitals

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