Provincial Archaeological Report Library (PARL)

On February 5, 2020, the Provincial Archaeological Report Library (PARL) was moved to a new URL, and login security was upgraded to require either a Business BCeID or a government IDIR credential. To gain or regain access, please see the "How to Access PARL" section below.

Who is PARL for?

The primary purpose of the Provincial Archaeological Report Library (PARL) is to serve high-volume, repeat clients who require archaeological report information for land use planning or archaeological studies.  

Authorized users may include archaeological consultants, federal and provincial resource or land use planning agencies, First Nations, and accredited academic researchers.

The reports in the library contain scientific and technical information specific to the field of archaeology, so although all authorized users can search, view, download and order archaeological reports through PARL, non-archaeologists may want to seek professional archaeological assistance in interpreting report contents prior to making land use and resource decisions. 

To make finding the right report easy for everyone, both quick and advanced keyword searches are available, and library users can search the complete text of all reports in the library (including title, body, and appendices) by:

  • Permit number
  • Permit type
  • Map sheet
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Author
  • Borden number

Permit Reports & PARL

The online library contains permit reports for which a license has been granted, plus permit reports where the B.C. government already owns copyright. 

To obtain permission, the Archaeology Branch contacts copyright owners of permit reports to request a license that will allow the inclusion of their reports in our online library. 

Non-permit reports are not currently included in the library, but may be added in the future. 

For more information, see Archaeology Bulletin 3 (Heritage Conservation Act Permits, Personal Information, and Permit Report Copyright).

How to Access PARL

The Provincial Archaeological Report Library has moved.

Due to a security-related data migration mandated by our Ministry’s Chief Information Officer, as of February 2020, PARL is now being hosted through a new website and login security has been upgraded to require either a Business BCeID or a government IDIR credential. 

All users must submit a CURRENT Archaeological Information Sharing Agreement (AISA) to the branch before they can qualify for access:

  • If you submitted an AISA to the branch between January 28, 2019 – February 5, 2020, and access was approved, your access to PARL has been carried over. Please check the inbox of the email address you listed on your previously-submitted AISA for new login credentials, or contact to have them re-sent. 
  • New users OR users whose on-file agreement predates January 28, 2019 OR users whose BCeIDs have changed must follow the three steps below to obtain access to the new website. Upon approval, you will be provided with login instructions.

To access the library, new and existing users must follow three steps.

STEP 1: Get a Business BCeID or Government IDIR

Do you have an active Government IDIR* or  Business BCeID? If yes, skip ahead to step 2. 
     * government employees with existing IDIR credentials are NOT required to set up a BCeID.

If you do not yet have a Business BCeID, please have one created:

STEP 2:  Submit the latest Archaeological Information Sharing Agreement (AISA)

If you submitted an AISA to the branch between January 28, 2019 – February 5, 2020, you have already submitted version 5 and a login code will have been sent to the email address indicated on that ISA. Please check that inbox.

If you have never submitted an AISA, or have one on file that predates January 28, 2019, or have changed your BCeID since you last had access, you will need to complete, sign, and submit the latest version of our Archaeological Information Sharing Agreement (PDF, 1.5 MB) to re-obtain access. Please note that all fields are mandatory, and all 3 pages must be included when you submit the completed document to

STEP 3: Check your inbox for access details

Once we process your access request and accompanying AISA, the branch will send you an email with login codes and instructions regarding how to activate your new PARL account.


Changes to PARL Functionality

Please note that the branch is continuing to work with IT and BC Publications to navigate the changes that have been applied to the library interface during this changeover. 

For technical assistance with, or feedback about the new PARL website, please email the staff at Queen's Printer, Electronic Publishing at