For First Nations

The Archaeology Branch recognizes the historical, cultural, scientific, spiritual, and educational value of the Province’s archaeological heritage to First Nations and Indigenous Peoples. First Nations help protect archaeological sites by contributing traditional knowledge and values.

Archaeological Data & Site Records

First Nations can submit an online request to access archaeological data and site records.

Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD)

First Nations and other authorized users can access Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD), a web-based application that users to view, select, and download information about archaeological sites in B.C.

Archaeological Site Inventory

First Nations can incorporate information on unrecorded sites into the archaeological site inventory. Once in the inventory, this information is used in land and development planning.

Provincial Archaeological Report Library (PARL)

First Nations and other authorized users can search, view, download, and order archaeological reports from the provincial archaeological report library.

The Resource Inventory Standards Course (RISC)

The Resource Inventory Standards Course (RISC) is a five day workshop designed to introduce field technicians to the discipline of archaeology. The course covers basic site identification, survey, and recording skills, and includes class and field components. The Archaeology Branch works directly with the BC Association of Professional Archaeologists to coordinate the delivery of the course.

Please contact the Archaeology Branch via email ( for the current list of qualified instructors, or the BCAPA ( for more information.