Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD)

Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD) is a web-based application that enables authorized users to view, select, and download information about archaeological sites in B.C. Users can perform various searches and export spatial and tabular data in a variety of formats. 

Limited information about historic places is also accessible through RAAD. Contact the Heritage Branch for further information and advice about historic places.

RAAD serves eligible clients who require archaeological information on a frequent basis for land use planning, development approval processes, and archaeological studies and assessments. Due to the sensitive nature of archaeological sites, RAAD access is not widely available.

Individuals who require archaeological information but who are ineligible for RAAD access may submit an Archaeological Information Request Form to the Archaeology Branch.

Apply for Access to RAAD

Available RAAD Data

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) files in ESRI Shapefile (.shp) format. These files provide information about specific archaeological site locations and boundaries.
  • Database information in .csv or .pdf format. These files provide detailed information about each archaeological site. Downloaded .csv files can be used in a spreadsheet or database application while .pdf files can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Other site-related documents such as site maps, drawings, photographs, artifact catalogues, etc.

Data Currency & Limitations

RAAD is updated weekly as new archaeological site records and information are added to the provincial inventory. RAAD only contains archaeological site records that have been formally recorded and submitted to the Archaeology Branch. It is possible that unknown and unrecorded sites exist within your area of interest.