Burnt Pine Caribou

Pursuant to the BC Supreme Court's direction in West Moberly First Nations v. British Columbia, the Government of British Columbia is implementing a plan to protect and augment the Burnt Pine caribou herd.

Under the plan, British Columbia is undertaking a number of new measures, including the following actions within a portion of the remaining untenured areas in core caribou habitat (identified as a Resource Review Area [RRA] on the attached maps and shapefile): 

  1. A No Disposition Notation (NDN) has been placed over the RRA to identify that the Ministry will not post natural gas and petroleum rights for tenuring in these areas.
  2. The NDN area will include any partial gas spacing area created by the RRA.
  3. A mineral, placer and coal no registration reserve will be put in place over the RRA to prevent the acquisition of new mineral, placer and coal tenures.

The Burnt Pine caribou herd is one of thirty-one herds that make up the Northern Caribou.  Northern caribou in the Burnt Pine herd caribou range are blue-listed (Threatened) and are a Priority 2 species under the Provincial Conservation Framework.

The RRA is in place for a minimum of five years, and will be re-assessed periodically based on the habitat condition of the entire herd, and the status and trends of the population.  The goal is to ensure that adequate habitat remains to meet the objective of protecting and increasing the Burnt Pine caribou herd.

Future development within the remainder of the Burnt Pine caribou herd range will be subject to appropriate management practices.

Burnt Pine RRA (PDF)

Burnt Pine RRA (with Grid) (PDF)

Burnt Pine RRA shapefile  (ZIP file)

Burnt Pine Zones B and C (PDF)