Coordinated Review Process Guidance and Tools

The Major Mines Office plays an important strategic role in engaging with industry to clearly establish expectations and accountability for high-quality applications while at the same time coordinating with provincial agencies and Indigenous Nations to ensure the timely review of major mine projects across the province.

The following guidance and tools are provided to ensure natural resource agencies, Indigenous Nations, proponents, the public and stakeholders have a clear understanding of the permit review process and permit application information requirements for major mine projects.

Provides information on the coordinated review process and a list of potential authorizations that may be required to construct and operate a major mine in the Province of B.C.

Provides project development and related information for the proposed project which enables the mine review committee to

  • Identify/confirm with the proponent the list of permits, licenses, approvals and other statutory authorizations (collectively referred to as authorizations) to be reviewed by the mine review committee under the coordinated authorizations process
  • Identify issues and determine information necessary to meet the application information requirements
  • Identify additional issues to be addressed that are within current government policy
  • Assist in determining any matters of federal interest, including federal authorizations and information requirements

The Mines Act (MA) permitting process is closely integrated with the Environmental Management Act (EMA) permitting process. The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy have developed this guidance document and a corresponding table on joint application information requirements for MA and EMA permits.   

The Joint Information Requirements Table is used in tandem with the Joint MA/EMA guidance document during pre-application, screening and review discussions between the proponent and the Mine Review Committee to ensure mining proponents clearly understand the information required to support MA and EMA permitting decisions.  

In addition to MA and EMA permits, various other authorizations are required for major mining projects. For more information on other authorizations visit the Front Counter BC website.