Major Mines Permitting Office

The Major Mines Permitting Office (MMPO) brings coordination and clear accountability to both industry and government to ensure timely review of high-quality permit applications to support enduring decisions with respect to permitting major mine projects in B.C.MMPO leads the coordinated authorizations process for major mine permitting across the province, working with provincial natural resource agencies including the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMPR), the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (ENV), and the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNR). MMPO acts as the single point of contact and accountability for the coordination of project-specific advisory committees (mine review committees) and key aspects of the permitting process including Indigenous consultation and strategic issues management, with the goal of improving consistency and timeliness while managing duplication and shared jurisdiction between provincial agencies.

For a detailed overview of the coordinated authorizations process, including a list of potential authorizations required for major mine development, please refer to the Guide to Coordinated Authorizations for Major Mines in B. C. (PDF, 1,530KB).

For more information on major mines in B.C., visit the BC Mine Information website.

Major mines and expansions in B.C., including large-scale industrial mineral and aggregate mines, are typically reviewable under the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) and require environmental assessment certificates (EAC).  For projects reviewable under the EAA, MMPO works closely with the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) during the environmental assessment (EA) process to create continuity from EA through permitting. This ensures that there is a comprehensive understanding of issues that may be brought forward during the EA, mitigation measures, and subsequent EAC conditions, and of the issues that are brought forward to be addressed during the permit review process.

For more information on B.C.’s EA process and reviewable project thresholds, please visit the EAO website.

Consulting with Indigenous Nations

The Province of B.C. has a duty to consult and where required, accommodate Indigenous Nations whenever a decision or activity could impact treaty rights or asserted or established aboriginal rights and title. Working with Indigenous Nations and partner provincial agencies, MMPO plays a key role in the coordination of consultation and collaboration with potentially impacted Indigenous Nations that helps support the timely review of permit applications and the delivery of well-informed and enduring permitting decisions. 

While the Province is responsible for ensuring adequate and appropriate consultation and accommodation, the proponent may be involved in procedural aspects of consultation. Proponents are encouraged to engage with Indigenous Nations as early as possible in the planning stages to build meaningful relationships and share information which may support consultation and collaboration processes. For more information on consultation, visit the Province of B.C.'s Consulting with First Nations page.

Project Management

MMPO applies project management principles and practices through the use of tools that bring clarity, consistency and rigour to the coordinated review process. For example, MMPO works with individual proponents and mine review committee members to develop project specific charters and schedules.

Combined, these tools clearly define the scope and objectives of the review process, provide a communication strategy, define roles and responsibilities of participants, and outline the major deliverables and milestones of the coordinated review process.

In addition to Project Management tools, MMPO also uses specific guidance to ensure clear understanding of process and application information requirements. For more information visit the Coordinated Review Process Guidance and Tools page.

MMPO Governance Structure

MMPO is overseen by a Project Board consisting of senior-level leaders from the Province's natural resource agencies. The Project Board provides guidance and oversight on the full scope of regulatory processes required to open or expand a major mine in B.C. MMPO's unique Project Board structure provides a mechanism for strategic issues identification and resolution, and to manage resource requirements for the permitting process. It is important to note that the Project Board does not issue individual permits and this responsibility still resides with Statutory Decision Makers within each provincial permitting agency.