Major Mine Permitting Office (MMPO)

The Major Mine Permitting Office (MMPO) improves the co-ordination of major mine permitting across the province. The MMPO team works directly with proponents, First Nations and government technical advisors to co-ordinate multi-agency regulatory permits and implement the efficient and timely review of high‑quality and complete applications for new major mines and major expansion projects.

MMPO applies project management skills to enhance communication, ensure issues identification and resolution, and efficiently conduct project reviews.

MMPO Structure

MMPO is overseen by a Project Board consisting of senior-level leaders from the Province's natural resource sector. The Project Board provides guidance and oversight to the full scope of regulatory processes required to open or expand a major mine in British Columbia. MMPO's unique Project Board structure provides a mechanism for strategic issues identification and resolution, and to manage resource requirements for the permitting process.

MMPO acts as the point of accountability for co-ordination of project-specific Mine Review Committees (MRCs) and key aspects of the permitting process, including First Nations consultation and strategic issues management. MMPO co-ordinates the provincial regulatory review of permit applications for major mine projects. This includes projects that are subject to review under the Environmental Assessment Act, as well as smaller projects not determined to be reviewable under the Environmental Assessment Act. For projects reviewable under the Environmental Assessment Act, MMPO works in tandem with the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) during the environmental assessment process.

MMPO establishes a framework of accountability and project management principles through project schedules, which provide process certainty and predictability.

The following diagram further illustrates the governance structure of MMPO and the Project Board, and their relationships with the other natural resource sector ministries, the EAO and industry.

Our Team

The Major Mine Permitting Office (MMPO) is resourced with staff to lead and manage projects through the coordinated permitting process. MMPO has staff located in Smithers, Kamloops, Cranbrook and Victoria.