Source: Natural Resources Canada.

All data in the table below reflects preliminary estimates for 2018 production. For production data going back to 1995, please visit the Production Data Archive.

Table notes:
x = Suppressed by Natural Resources Canada due to confidentiality requirements.

2018 Production Estimates for Major Commodities Mined in BC

Commodity Quantity Value (C$ millions)
Coal (kilotonnes) x x
Copper (tonnes) 293,468 2,463.4
Gold (kilograms) 20,135 1,054.9
Silver (tonnes) 73 47.3
Molybdenum (tonnes) 4,681 141.1
Zinc (tonnes) 0 0.0
Lead (tonnes) 0 0.0
Industrial Minerals (kilotonnes) x x
Construction Aggregates (kilotonnes) x x
Total   9,656.9