Interactive Porphyry Map

Some of B.C.’s largest copper and gold deposits are porphyry deposits. Notable deposits include the Highland Valley Copper mine, KSM, Prosperity, and New Afton. This Google Earth compatible map shows the contained metal(s) for each deposit. Larger circles correspond to larger deposits. Clicking on a circle will bring up a table with comprehensive information about the deposit and a link to the deposit webpage in MINFILE.

Click here to download and view in Google Earth (porphyry map last updated December 31, 2015).

Google Earth is required to view this map and can be downloaded here.

Important notes

1. Circle sizes are only relative across a single commodity and not across all commodities. For example, the largest circle for copper represents 4.5 to 8.6 million tonnes of copper while the largest circle for gold represents 0.5 million to 1.3 million kilograms of gold.

2. You may notice that when multiple element layers are turned on there are multiple circles and labels for the same location. Circles on top/bottom of each other mean that the occurrence contains more than one commodity. Clicking on a single circle will reveal circles representing additional selected commodities if they are contained within the same deposit.

Source: MINFILE, various company reports

Updated December 31, 2015

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