Max Molybdenum


Operational Status: Care and maintenance
Company: FortyTwo Metals Inc.
Commodity(ies): molybdenum
Number of tailings impoundments: 1
Ministry of Energy and Mines region: Kootenay (Cranbrook/Fernie office)


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Dam Safety Submission - 2014 (PDFs)

2014 Dam Safety Inspection Report (13 MB)
2014 Dam Safety Inspection Letter
2014 Third Party Review (1.28 MB)
2014 Dam Breach Inundation Study (1.8 MB)
2014 Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (1.7 MB)
2014 Operation, Maintenance, and Surveillance Manual (9 MB)
2014 Chief Inspector of Mines Response


Letter of Assurance Submission - 2015 (PDFs)

February 3, 2015 Chief Inspector of Mines Order
2015 Letter of Assurance (1 MB)
2015 Chief Inspector of Mines Response