Community Support Grants Program

The Community Support Grant Program provides short-term funding to support Interior BC communities that have been impacted a permanent or indefinite mill closure or shift reduction.

Interior BC is defined as the North and South areas of the BC Interior Forest Management Units, including the following regions:

  • Northeast
  • Omineca
  • Skeena
  • Kootenay/Boundary
  • Cariboo
  • Thompson/Okanagan

To see a detailed description and map to determine your region, visit the Ministry of Forests Region & District Contacts Page.


Eligible funding recipients will be allocated a defined amount of funding based on the change in mill operations impacting their community. Funding can be allocated to eligible activities, including community transition services and supports for impacted workers and businesses.

Eligible Funding Recipients

Eligible funding recipients include communities in interior BC, impacted by the occurrence of a permanent or indefinite closure or shift reduction at a mill facility. In a small number of instances where an impacted mill is located in an unincorporated community, the Regional District may be eligible for funding to deliver transition services and supports on behalf of the electoral area.

Funding Amounts

Funding amounts associated with a change in mill operations include:

Funding Amount

Change in Mill Operations


Permanent closure


Indefinite closure


Permanent/Indefinite shift reductions

The timing of the change in mill operations event(s) include those that have occurred from May 1, 2019 onward. Change in mill operations are defined as:

  • Permanent closure – A full shut down of a mill facility.
  • Indefinite closure - A mill facility shut down with no end date. Facility could return to regular operations if market conditions improve.
  • Permanent/Indefinite Shift reductions - A permanent shut down of a mill production line or a shut down of a mill production line with no end date.

Funding awards cannot be stacked. If an eligible funding recipient is impacted by more than one change in mill operations occurring within their community’s boundaries, such as a permanent closure and an indefinite closure, then funding will be provided only for the most significant change (i.e. $100,000 for the permanent closure).

Additionally, in instances where a mill changes operations multiple times (for example: if a facility that was previously determined to be an indefinite closure becomes a permanent closure) then eligible funding recipients can receive a funding top-up to ensure that funding provided aligns with the updated change in mill operations. Below is an example of a funding top up:


An indefinite closure occurs June 15, 2019 in a mill located in Community A

Initial Funding Provided


Updated Change in Mill Operations

On November 15, 2019 the status of the mill in Community A changes from an indefinite closure to a permanent closure

Funding Top Up


Total Funding Provided


Eligible Activities

CSGP funding can be allocated to community transition and support services for impacted forestry workers. Examples of eligible activities include: financial support information services for impacted workers and businesses in the community, community meetings to gather input on assistance for impacted workers and businesses, and support for a community service that impacted individuals and families can access, such as a food bank top up. Ineligible activities include those that fall within other provincial funding programs.

Accessing Funding

Eligible funding recipients do not need to apply to receive Program funds. Ministry staff are continuously monitoring changes in mill operations in the BC Interior region. When a change in mill operations occurs staff will verify the mill’s status directly with the company and will reach out to the impacted community to identify the level of funding they are eligible to receive.