Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy Program

The Province supports the development of an Indigenous bioeconomy in line with the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers’ (CCFM) Forest Bioeconomy Framework for Canada (PDF, 4.8MB) under the following objectives:

  • Grow the B.C. bioeconomy through innovation and partnerships
  • Provide economic opportunities for Indigenous and rural communities in developing the forest bioeconomy to establish a broad range of partnerships and collaborations
  • Support Indigenous Peoples in economic development opportunities in the natural resources sector that reflect Indigenous interests and support self-determination

The Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy Program collaboratively identifies and pursues forest bioeconomy projects with Indigenous partners across B.C. Projects range from non-timber forest products such as the extraction of essential oils from conifer needles, to advanced biomaterials such as non-woven medical textiles produced from cedar, to biochemicals such as tannins extracted from bark.

Projects have numerous environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits. By utilizing forest biomass and residuals from conventional harvesting for novel high-value applications, the program supports forest sector transformation with full participation of Indigenous peoples.