Wildfire Dispatch

Dispatchers are employed at each of the Province’s six fire centres, providing the communication link between the coordination centres and the personnel in the field.

It is a vital and highly technical role that involves:

  • Handling all radio transmissions
  • Receiving and responding to initial fire reports
  • Monitoring and implementing all safety procedures for personnel, aircraft and equipment
  • Transmitting, receiving, relaying and documenting communications between various people and groups
  • Operating computers, telephones, facsimiles and printers
  • Taking on other projects and tasks as needed

Dispatchers must be able to stay calm and focused in emergency situations, know how to multitask effectively, and be willing to work extended periods with minimal time off during the summer.

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Preferred Qualifications

Carefully review the “Selection Criteria” section of the dispatcher position description document. Important note: It is the responsibility of the applicant to clearly identify how they meet the preferred qualifications.

Application Process

The dispatcher job competition opens in November of each year. Interested applicants should download and submit an application package (PDF) to the location(s) of their choice by the end of the third week of February. All application packages must be received by 4:30 p.m. on the day of the application deadline.

Attn:  Colleen Stromsten
3020 Airport Rd
Williams Lake  BC  V2G 5M1

Office:  (250) 989-2600
Fax:  (250) 989-5149



Coastal Fire Centre - Parksville, B.C.

Attn: Janice Smith
665 Allsbrook Rd
Parksville BC  V9P 2T3

Office:  (250) 951-4201
Fax:  (250) 954-0819



Kamloops Fire Centre - Kamloops, B.C.

Attn:  Erica Ducommun
4000 Airport Drive
Kamloops   BC  V2B 7X2

Office:  (250) 554-5500
Fax:  (250) 376-6549


Attn:  Alyson Guenter
Bag 5000, 3359 Victoria Drive
Smithers  BC  V0J 2N0

Office:  (250) 847-6633
Fax:  (250) 847-2737


Attn:  Sandra Johnston
1011 - 4th Avenue
Prince George  BC  V2L 3H9

Office:  (250) 565-6577
Fax:  (250) 565-6531



Southeast Fire Centre - Castlegar, B.C. 

Attn:  Cindy Munns
208 Hughes Rd
Castlegar, BC  V1N 4M5

Office:  (250) 365-4040
Fax:  (250) 365-9925



Provincial Airtanker Centre - Kamloops, B.C

Attn:  Bruce Coutanche
3080 Airport Drive
Kamloops   BC  V2B 7X2

Office:  (250) 312-3000
Fax:  (250) 554-5428



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens next after I apply?

A: If your application passes initial screening, you will be contacted by phone to attend an interview. We will only contact applicants who successfully pass the initial screening criteria and who will be invited for an interview. If your application is incomplete or late, your application will not be considered but you are encouraged to reapply again the following year.

Q: What if I want to apply to multiple locations?

A: You may apply to more than one location. Send your application to the locations of your choice.

Q: How can I get more information on my status throughout the process?

A: You may contact the person listed for the relevant fire centre. The recruiting process can be quite lengthy and the timeline can vary slightly between fire centres due to off-season staffing levels. The general timeline for the fire season recruiting process is:

  • Third Friday in February - application deadline for all fire centres
  • Late February - application screening
  • February/March - interviews in various locations in B.C.
  • March/April - job offers for upcoming fire season

Q: Why is multitasking so important?

A: Dispatchers are required to monitor various computer programs and radio channels. Activity in the dispatch centre is often hectic and dispatchers that are unable to multitask will not be able to handle the increased activity.

Q: How long is the interview process?

A: The interview process takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. It consists of a panel interview, a typing test and a computerized call response test.

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