Seed Use Efficiency Meeting 2008

On its 50th Anniversary, the Tree Seed Centre hosted a seed use efficiency meeting in Langley, BC (July 30 and 31, 2008). The intent was to start with a big picture “spaceship” view and zoom in on the activities, challenges, opportunities and costs throughout the seed handling system.

The event attracted about 95 people from breeding and seed orchard programs, cone collectors and processors, nursery personnel and a host of forestry professionals looking for ways to increase seed use efficiency.

There were many good discussions and a far better understanding of the various businesses involved in the seed handling system after the meeting. The Tree Seed Centre will continue to examine opportunities for increased seed use efficiencies and welcome comments on the subject from attendees and others who have ideas, practices, or results to increase seed use efficiency.

Day 1 July 30th Program

Introduction (PDF)

Dave Kolotelo

Abstract (PDF)

Weyerhaeuser: An Integrated Seed-Seedling Supply System (PDF)

Dave Hodgin

Abstract (PDF)


Policy and Genetic Resource Management Directions or Who Moved My Seed? (PDF)

Brian Barber

Abstract (PDF)


Forest Genetics Council of BC: Seed Planning Structure (PDF)

Jack Woods

Abstract (PDF)


Seed Use Efficiency: From the Forest to the Forest (PDF)

Dr. Yousry El-Kassaby

Abstract (PDF)


Climate Based Seed Transfer (PDF)

Dr. Greg O’Neill
Nicholas Ukrainetz

Abstract (PDF)


Natural Stand Cone Collection (PDF)

Emile Begin

Abstract (PDF)


Coastal Seed Orchard Production (PDF)

Annette van Niejenhuis

Abstract (PDF)


Kalamalka Seed Orchards (PDF)

Chris Walsh

Abstract (PDF)


Seedlot Production (PDF)

Dave Kolotelo

Abstract (PDF)


Trust, Money, Human Nature or All Three

John Kitchen

Day 2 July 31st Program

Sowing Guidelines, Seed Use Efficiencies with SPAR & Seedlot Source Information (PDF)

Susan Zedel

Abstract (PDF)


Seed and Seedling Costs Over Time (PDF)

Al McDonald

Abstract (PDF)


Seedling Specification & Seed Usage (PDF)

Norm Livingstone

Seedling Specifications: Purchaser Perspective

Stephen Joyce

Reaching Higher: Collecting the Best Natural Seed Cones Efficiently (PDF)

Helmut Fandrich

SilvaTech Developments

Erik Bergvinson

Operational Seed Efficiency Gains with coastal Douglas-fir (PDF)

Bevin Wigmore

Abstract (PDF)


Setting the Stage for Success: Upgrading of Abies Seedlot (PDF)

Jamie Farrer

Abstract (PDF)


Priming: Benefits of Thermal Priming (PDF)

Robin Dawes

Abstract (PDF)


Mini-plug Transplants (PDF)

Fernando Rey

Abstract (PDF)