Tree Diagram

Tree Diagram

The Tree Diagram is a graphic visual that represents a tree with a trunk, limbs, branches, and maybe twigs on the branches. This diagram is one method for organizing material or thoughts. It can be used for remembering material or thinking about a topic. Very quickly, you will see the relationships between ideas.

One advantage of a Tree Diagram is that you add limbs, branches, and twigs at any time during the process of assembling the diagram. Like a tree, each idea or thought must be related to the attached branch or limb. The single word or phrase will trigger more complete thoughts.

See Tree diagram schematic (left).


  1. Label the trunk of the tree with a title.

  2. Write the major ideas or concepts on the limbs that are attached to the trunk (colour each branch a different colour as colour is a very powerful remembering tool). Keep the ideas short — a single word or a phrase. You could use symbols or abbreviations.

  3. Add as many branches to each limb as you need. Keep the information short using either single words or phrases.

  4. You may add related details (twigs) to the branches.